How do my decisions change my experience in the story?

The decisions you make will influence situational story elements that result in a unique narrative experience. Your actions shape the personality of your character and the emotional connection you develop with other characters in the story. You can create alternate storylines with multiple endings that allow you to discover new friendships and romances.

I made a mistake! How can I change a choice?

You can replay an episode and make a new decision that will change or reconcile the plot and subsequent consequences with character relationships. However, you must restart the episode or the choice you have made will remain and continue to affect the progression of your story.

Why do some decisions cost money?

The game offers exclusive opportunities to progress the story with premium decisions that significantly impact your experience with friendships, romance, and other circumstances. These options are meant to enhance the story and provide a bonus to the player. They can even open up access to secret scenes!

What are Gems, and how do I get them?

Gems are used for premium decisions. Earn a gem for every episode you complete! You can also purchase Gems from the store.

What are Tickets, and how do I get them?

Tickets are used to progress you through an episode. The first episode of a Series is on us! Players have a soft cap of 2 Tickets. If you have less than 2 tickets, a timer will begin, and you’ll automatically get a new Ticket when the timer reaches 0. Be sure to turn on notifications to get the maximum number of free Tickets! You can also purchase Tickets from the store.

I bought Gems and Tickets, but I didn't get them!

Sometimes the connection between servers and the store can be missed. Most of the time, the connection will stabilize shortly. If your order processed, you’ll receive your purchase. In the rare case that something goes wrong, please contact customer support. We’ll fix it as soon as we can.

Can I trade my Tickets for Gems?

You can’t trade them, but you can use your Tickets to go through an episode for the first time, where you’ll earn Gems along the way.

Why isn't this in another language?

We are currently English-only. We’re looking to add other languages in the future

How do I get more stories? I really want to see _____ in Series!

Check back often! We’re constantly updating Series with new stories! If there’s something you really want to see , click “Contact Us” inside the app (you’ll find the button within the “FAQ” section) and request it!

I reinstalled Series, and lost all my progress!

Series is saved locally for all episodes, including your Gems and Tickets. To ensure that your data is on our server, login with Facebook or Google to keep all your progress.

Something is wrong, I can't do _______

We’re sorry you’re having an issue! Email and provide your device type, OS version, and issue, and we’ll look into the issue for you right away.

I sent you a message! Why haven't you answered yet?

We’re sorry for the wait! We get tons of messages every day, and we’re trying to answer each as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience!

I can't seem to play the game offline! What's up with that?

Our stories are constantly talking with the server. Every time you make a choice, we send that information back and get the appropriate response that the server then sends back!